So you own a business and you may be lacking that motivation or may be getting frustrated with not being where you would like to be with it.

 You may have started off all excited and motivated about reaching those dizzy heights of success but something may not have gone the way you thought it would or should, and now you dread going to bed each night due to the fact that in the morning you will have to get up and go back to your business.

So how do you keep yourself motivated every day like you may have when you first started?

Well the answer may be simpler that you actually think. If you were really honest with yourself, you may just find that you are nowhere near any of those goals that you originally wanted to achieve with your business. Now I am not talking about goals such as “success”, “being filthy rich”, or even “being recognised as a business legend”. 

No, I am talking about that “personal stuff” that you wanted which was the original reason for you starting your business in the first place.

If you think about it really hard, you will remember those things that you wanted to achieve. It could have been “creating a way for you to have more time with your family”, it may have been “going on a nicer holiday once a year”, or “paying off the house quicker than if you worked for a wage”. You see most of the times there are actual things that people want to achieve and experience so that is why they decided to start their own business.

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The problem is, is that some times once people start doing the “business’ thing, they forget their original reasons for starting a business and they become bogged down in the day to day stuff and get swept up in the doing instead of the getting.

For me I had two reasons as to why I started my first business. The first reason was that I wanted to upset someone who said I had an attitude problem, hence the business and brand “Attitude Inc, and secondly I just wanted a nicer car (I LOVE cars) than what I was currently driving at the time (a mini). That was about it.

Now the only way for me to get any of that was to ensure I really did my business stuff well. Sure, I had to concentrate and immerse myself into the daily tasks and chores of business life, but I never for one day forgot the reasons as to why I started that business.

As a result of that I did upset that lady and I did get the car I wanted.

This article isn’t about rubbing it in your face if you are yet to experience your personal and business desires; it is the exact opposite actually. 

You really need to have a hard look at what it was you originally wanted from your business and ask yourself honestly if you have yet to achieve and experience it. If the answer is “NO” then that may be why you are getting frustrated and wondering if owning your own business is actually worth it.

If you don’t personally reward yourself along the way what’s the point of being in business for yourself?

business owners mentorship justin herald nsw

This is why I launched the “Boost” mentoring program recently. I wanted to assist those who just needed that little push to either get back on track or take their business to the next level. It is only a 1 month, once a week program, and I know it will help you in your business. 

So why not do a personal stock take this week and see if there are things or stuff that you could achieve which may be just the thing to get you re-motivated. Be selfish for a minute and enjoy all of that hard work that you put in each week. Go on I dare you!

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