What we all need to do is keep totally and fully focused on where we want to go and what our ultimate goals and dreams are.


It is all too easy to lose focus every day. There are so many exterior things that can easily catch our attention. Whilst we may think that they are important at the time, the reality may be that they are taking us in the opposite direction.

Let’s look at a few aspects of focus and how they may either help or hinder you along the way.


Where you look is where you will end up. Yes I know, no great pearl of wisdom there, but still the concept is worth mentioning.I was stuck in traffic the other day lost in my own little world. I noticed a lady in the car next to me constantly staring in her revision mirror laughing at the person driving behind her. I no longer thought to myself that she better be careful when BANG, she had run straight into the back of the car in front of her.You see using this lady as an example, there are so many people who are constantly focusing on the past and all of its problems and or issues that it presented, that they forget to focus on the future.As with this lady if you look backwards all the time, then whatever presents itself to you in the future may come as a rude and unwelcome shock. You can’t then blame anyone around for your new outcome.

Blurred Vision

Have you ever been to the optometrist to have your eyes checked?If you have you may have used the machine that checks your eyes by placing various lenses in front of you. Most of those lenses will make your vision become all blurry. You can’t make out what is in front of you at that time. This is the same principal that some people face every day. Their vision is so blurry thanks to the wrong motives or impatience or a luck of understanding as to what they really want out of life that they end up going through life simply accepting whatever comes their way.Make sure your vision for your life’s plans are clear and concise.


Ahh, we have all experienced the pleasure of hindsight.We have all done something that may not have gone the way we had planned it and then said to ourselves ‘if only I had known that, then I wouldn’t have done it that way”. Well unfortunately life doesn’t really work that way. Our lives don’t have a rewind button on them like a video machine. We have to handle the consequences whatever they may be. That being the case, make sure you really think things out before you attempt anything. Make sure your focus is set on the realistic outcomes that are achievable and not what you hope can be achieved.

20/20 Vision

As with any person that has 20/20 vision, so are you able to be totally focused without any chance of strain.

The secret is that if you start sensing a problem, you immediately give yourself a check up. What I mean by that is that you re-evaluate your progress and your direction all based upon what you had set for yourself at the start.

I wrote in my first book about the Chameleon lizard. The Chameleon has the rare privilege of being able to move each of its eyes in a different direction whilst hunting for food. It cannot attack its food though until both eyes are locked onto its prey.  We all need to learn a lesson from this lizard. Make sure everything within you is focusing on your goals and dreams, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can attempt many things at the same time and expect them all to work out for you perfectly in the end.

Keep focusing on your goals and NEVER GIVE UP!