Justin’s Current Business Ventures

Serve Me Right App.

Justin just launched his new customer service based App. Serve Me Right’s mission is to get customer service back and to give customer’s their voice back!


Company Overview

Serve Me Right is an App that takes your complaint or compliment regarding customer service and delivers it straight to the company that you are dealing with.
Serve Me Right gives the consumer now a louder voice with greater reach.



Serve Me Right was established out of pure frustration due to the lack of customer service in the market place today. Every business no matter big or small grows purely based upon the customer spending their hard earned money there. That being a fact then it’s about time the customer got serviced the way they deserve.
This isn’t about bagging out businesses, this is all about ensuring the customer is appreciated for who they are.
On top of that, we need to ensure good businesses and great staff are being recognised.

Customer Culture

Customer Culture is a company Justin founded in 2013. Customer Culture is a customer service training company that services both small and large businesses. With the amount of competition in the marketplace today, now more than ever is there a need to have an advantage. That advantage is Customer Service and that is why many large organisations are utilising Justin’s expertise in this area.
Current clients include: McDonalds, NZ Tourism Council, and Optus to name just a few.