Entrepreneurs Inner Circle

As you would be aware, Justin is world famous for taking a business from an initial investment of $50 and turning it into a multi million dollar company in just 5 years. He is the Author of 8 International Bestselling books and is one of Australia’s most sought after speakers.

Due to this success, Justin is constantly being asked by business owners to spend a day in their businesses to assist them in getting their business to the next level.
Due to Justin’s hectic schedule this has been a little impossible to do…… UP UNTIL NOW!

Justin has decided to make more time for small business, as his passion has always been assisting others in reaching their goals. That is why he has just launched the Intensive Business Makeover where Justin will come and spend a day with you in your business working through all of the aspects of your business to tweak them so your results then match the effort that you are putting in on a daily basis AND WONT COST AS MUCH AS YOU THINK IT WOULD!.

Throughout the day you will cover areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Your Sales Procedures
  • Pricing
  • Supplier agreements
  • Staff (Justin will also sit down one on one with your staff if needed as well)
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Cost cutting
  • Plus much more.

So if you are serious about wanting your business to get to that next level, or you are over the frustration of your business or idea just not getting to where you know it can, why not make the change today and get the direction that you have been missing.

To talk directly to Justin about this, just email or call +61414666622 and Justin can make time for you straight away and assist you in getting your business producing the results that you are after.