RICH LIFE – 12 CD Set – Home Coaching Program


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Have you ever wondered why you haven’t reached your goals. Do they constantly elude you no matter what you do? Then this breakthrough home coaching program will assist you in unlocking your hidden potential and enable you to live the life of your dreams.

Justin Herald has spent the last 6 years using his own success to inspire others to achieve more than they thought possible. Now after studying his own success and that of his students he has identified the key areas that you need to focus on to ensure you achieve a RICH LIFE!

This home coaching program gives you the opportunity that up until now was only available to a select few; to listen to and learn from one of Australia’s most respected authorities on the subject of personal success and financial freedom.

This program includes

> A Personal study guide so you can work through the program

> Templates and guides for changing your life and outcomes forever

> 12 Audio CDs that will make you feel like Justin is sitting right next to you

1. Understanding who you are – bridging the gap between who you are and where you want to be

2. Obtaining a millionaire mindset – principles that will change your outlook forever

3. Disciplined decisions to achieve a Rich Life – the key decisions that will release your potential

4. How to find your true purpose – learn to love what you do and you will never work again

5. How to take action right now – effective strategies to getting more out of your life

6. Overcoming past financial issues – dealing with your past financial mistakes

7. Expanding your comfort zone to attract more money – strategies on becoming a better you

8. Mastering time management – get more results out of every day and achieve your goals sooner

9. Excellence vs. Mediocre – why some people succeed and others will always fail

10. Laws of financial freedom – keys to make sure you are in the 5% of people that achieve financial freedom

11. Habits of effective millionaires – secrets that only the wealthy live by

12. The unbreakable laws of Abundance – laws that you MUST live by to achieve a RICH LIFE


“I find listening to Justin Herald’s new “Rich Life” 12 CD series extremely rewarding. They are all loaded with common sense, self-effacing honesty and wisdom that goes way beyond what I have heard on many other similar personal development teaching tapes and CD’s from around the world that i have listened to in the past. My wife even listens to them when I leave them in the car!

His insights are simple and yet powerful. The ethical underpinning to his life philosophy is refreshing and much needed in the world today.

Justin’s unique Aussie style and sense of humour also makes the material very accessible and illuminating enough to be easy to implement. The CD’s are worth listening to over and over again.”