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Justin Herald has fast become one of the rising stars in the fields of business and personal development. At the age of 25 with only $50 to his name, Justin Herald set about changing the course of his life. Justin created Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an international licensing success that turned over  millions per year.

Justin’s success was so well noted that he was named the “INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” for 2005.
He recently was also awarded the Future Leaders Award, which recognises him as being one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

Justin Speaks at over 80 conferences each year as his style and ACTUAL runs on the board are a huge hit with audiences.

He recently launched “ReferUs” which is a new and revolutionary way businesses can now get their customers to become referral machines as well as an amazing sales force for their business. www.ReferUs.com




He has had his own column in numerous magazines and in papers nationally in Australia and overseas.
Justin is also the author of 8 international best selling books. When Justin isn’t speaking at conferences around the globe, he is personally mentoring business owners and assisting them to get their businesses to the next level.

Justin is regarded as one of Australia’s most sought after speakers with engagements book all over the country and overseas speaking in front of 150,000 people each year.

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